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We continue to be an "Excellent Training Company"

Hirschmann Automotive receives the award “Excellent Apprenticeship Company 2021” for special commitment and quality standards in apprentice training. This is an initiative of the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce and Labour.

Qualified specialists are the basis for nationally and internationally competitive companies and make a lasting contribution to the success of Vorarlberg as a business location. This is why the state of Vorarlberg supports and promotes high standards in apprenticeship training. This year, 131 companies have received awards. This certification is valid until 2021 and must then be applied for again. In addition, the following are evaluated: the placement of training content, the success of apprenticeship training, special commitment to young people with learning difficulties or disadvantaged young people and the further training of those responsible for training in the company. Hirschmann Automotive always strives to meet the goals of an excellent training company and to offer its apprentices the best possible training.

Of the approximately 2000 training companies in Vorarlberg, 391 are entitled to use the title “Excellent Training Company”. Across all industries, companies of all sizes have proven that special commitment and corresponding success in apprentice training also pay off for training companies.