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11th Apprentice Ball in Bregenz

“Be remembered after the apprentice ball” – this was the task of the 19 apprentices from Hirschmann Automotive and their trainers Marcel Frick and Michael Stadelwieser. They were part of the main program of the 11th event of the Vorarlberg industry in the Festspielhaus Bregenz. In order to bring the company philosophy closer to other companies, it quickly became clear that a “Platzhirsch” (Deer) was needed. In several weeks a 2.5 meter long, 1.8 meter wide and 2.9 meter high steel stag was built. Equipped with fog machines and LEDs, which were operated by a car battery with an inverter, the construct had a weight of about 260 kg. All that was missing was a choreography for the stage. “Thanks to the commitment of many people, under the direction of Marcel Frick, we made a great appearance with the wagon construction project and a super stage show,” says Reinhard Prasch, head of apprentice training. Fabio Madlener, an apprentice in electrical engineering, recorded the entire course of the project as a video.

Excellent conclusion
At the ball, the production was presented to a broad audience and broadcast live on the Internet. We had 30 apprentices and apprenticeship graduates with us. Among the guests were also COO Markus Ganahl with accompaniment as well as HR Director Bernd Schwendinger with accompaniment. Another highlight of the programme was the honouring of apprentices who passed the final apprenticeship examination with distinction. “Our specialists Thomas Kopitsch and Leon Wolf were honoured within the framework of the industry award,” Prasch proudly adds.