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2. Premium for apprentices 2019

for special performance

On 23 October, the second prize for the current year for special achievements was awarded to our junior staff. A total of around 32,000 euros was paid out.

In a festive setting, apprentice training manager Reinhard Prasch guided through the award ceremony, in which a total of 51 apprentices received a bonus. This was achieved in the following areas: employee appraisal, school performance as well as good or excellent success in the performance competition (LLW) and the final apprenticeship examination.

In the 1st apprenticeship year the following were awarded: Fields Sebastian, Lins Clemens, Faisst Larissa, Furxer Benedikt, Marte Günther, Müller Daniel, Tembl Julian, Galovic Benjamin, Stotter Lukas

In the 2nd year of apprenticeship the following apprentices were awarded: Knobel Anabel, Hartmann Tobias, Nachbaur Jakob, Wieser Marco, Rauch Alfred, Dincer Turgut, Böhm Tobias, Föger Rene, Franz David, Mathis Aron, Meyer Fabian, Reiter Nico, Waibel Robin, Willeit Marius, Bell Andreas, Özcelik Süheyda, Gleissner Nico

In the 3rd apprenticeship year, the following were awarded: Pirker Manuel, father Luca, Metzler Simon, Karadeniz Burak, Pfister Joel, Baur Jonas, Cinar Cemal, Lins Bastian, Pfister Patrick, Schatz Sandro, Schatzmann Raphael, Ströhle Jonas, Thöny Riccardo.

The following were awarded in the final year of apprenticeship: Egender Chiara, Weinl Caroline, Rojko Matthias, Madlener Fabio, Bishop Vanessa, Hauser Luca, Waldhart Martina, Yalcin Aybars, Bertsch André, Kampl Kevin, Kühne Sabrina, Zukanovic Enes.

Special thanks go to all trainers and apprentices for their commitment and dedication and to the management for their generous support.

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